Dr. Justin L. McDonald


President of Giving With A Purpose. He became involved in philanthropic endeavors and volunteerism at a young age. In middle school, Dr. McDonald was named humanitarian of the year for his school, for spending his lunch period tutoring students. In High School, Dr. McDonald was active in community volunteerism with Clovis California Police Explorer scouting group. Additionally, Dr. McDonald volunteered to be a peer counselor to help troubled classmates, taught sign language to disabled elementary school students, and actively worked to raise awareness for the needs of disabled veterans.

In 1993 Dr. McDonald enlisted in the U.S. Marine Corps. In 2000 Dr. McDonald completed a Bachelor of Religious Education degree and earned a commission as a Second Lieutenant. As a Marine, he has served domestically, abroad, and in combat posts. Dr. McDonald’s Marine Corps career allowed him to hone his training and education skills as the Officer in Charge of Training for the Marine Corps’ vocational school of electronics and communications. In 2003 Dr. McDonald earned a Master of Business of Administration degree with an emphasis in international business.

After leaving active duty, Dr. McDonald worked as management staff for United Airlines, where he became a certified mediator for labor disputes. Additionally, Dr. McDonald earned a certification as a Contracting Officer Representative for the U.S. Government. In 2008 Dr. McDonald joined the National Park Service. During that time, he managed technology projects for over 300 sites spread across 31 states, conducted training, mediated disputes, and was a liaison between government and private sector entities while protecting & preserving historic sites and the environment.

In 2015 Dr. McDonald earned a Doctorate of Business Administration degree with an emphasis in Organizational Leadership. That same year he founded Giving With A Purpose and assembled the diverse and capable team of executives. Dr. McDonald’s background in volunteerism, mentoring, teaching, mediating and leading motivated the creation of Giving With A Purpose with the express purpose of aiding homeless veterans.