Dr. Erik Richter, D.B.A.

Director of Finance and Accounting

I received my undergraduate degrees in accounting and business management from Purdue University. I was born in Chicago, hence the reason I went to Purdue, I was working for Nabisco Biscuit Corporation at that time, and after graduation, I moved to Denver. I left Nabisco for a marketing firm where I became a trainer and leader in the office. Following the closure of the marketing company, I went to work at a law firm as a purchasing agent. I developed many financial practices that are still used by the company eight years after my departure. While I was working at the law firm, I ran my own wholesale business and started my MBA in Global Management. I left the law firm to complete my MBA from the University of Phoenix in Phoenix. Shortly after finishing my degree, I became an internal auditor for Hilton Hotels. I improved the efficiency of the auditing functions with the use of spreadsheets and procedure changes to decrease the workers from two and a half auditors to one.

In September 2009, my wife, two daughters, and I moved back to Denver where I became a National Volunteer for AmeriCorps Financial Support Services. In that capacity, I taught disadvantaged, homeless, and lower income individuals about financial education, including working with the taxes of the individuals. I have multiple certificates from the IRS in tax preparation and financial education. During this same period, I started teaching at the college level for accounting, financial education, and business management classes. I developed a love for teaching at the collegiate level during this time. I finished my dissertation on “What makes an effective manager in a non-profit organization?” to finish out my doctorate from Argosy University to complete that journey and now I am looking for the next path.

It was also during that time frame I started to work with non-profit organizations, beginning a passion for helping people. Since that first national volunteer position with AmeriCorps I have worked with many different non-profit organizations, many times working with organizations to help people become self-sufficient through workplace training and financial education. In 2015 Dr. Justin McDonald came to me with the idea of Giving With A Purpose, it was a great idea, and it is even better to see it come to fruition! Then at the beginning of 2016, I was also asked to be on the advisory board for another non-profit organization that helps parents foster relationships with their children to give them the best chance to succeed in life.