About Us


We Serve The Homeless That Served

– Peacefully oppose extremism and injustice by giving to those in need.
– Acknowledge and assist local efforts for improving quality of life for homeless and at-risk veterans.
– Continually increase acceptance and diminish hatred.

Together we can support the men and women who have served in the armed forces. They were there when we needed them. Now we can return the favor.

Close-up portrait of young female US Marine Corps soldier with male officer saluting over brown background


Giving with a purpose was founded in 2014 by a Marine, an accountant, an artist, an insurance broker, an entrepreneur, and a writer. All coming together to serve their community and support a part of the population that is often forgotten.


Alberto Hansen


Trainer, consultant, motivational speaker, and sports enthusiast.

Cynthia McDonald

Executive Vice President

Entrepreneur, artist, administrator, caring and passionate.

Rebecca Wade

Director of Information Technology

Multi-passionate entrepreneur, writer, altruist, and unrepentant optimist.

Natalie Elton

Director of Administration

Volunteer, activist, educator, and animal lover.

Erik Richter

Director of Finance & Accounting

Public Speaker, Teacher, Negotiator, and Volunteer.

Justin McDonald


Strategist, leadership expert, motivational speaker, writer, sci-fi & horror fanatic, and Whovian.